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We filter source water into ultra-purified water which is used in combination with a specially developed mono-filament brush head for the effective cleaning of soiled solar panels. Our telescopic brush can extend 50 Ft so that we can clean many ground units without ladders or aerial devices. We check our water filtering process every 30 minutes and log our Total Dissolved Solids readings on a quality check sheet which is presented to our customers on completion of every job to our customer. This ensures that the PV panel was cleaned with ultra purified water. This guarantees no chemical or in-organic residues are left on the solar panel surface.

We clean remote fixed ground units to tracking units as well as large elevated tracking units. Reaching heights as high as 35 feet from grade, as well as roof-topped fixed units and carport “one sheet” units.

  • We have the experience and have had extensive fall arrest training including but limited to;
  • Self-propelled boom supported elevating work platforms CSA B354 4-02
  • Self-propelled elevating work platforms (scissor) B354 2-01 (R 2006)
  • Portable elevating work platforms CSAB354 1-04

Solar Wash Canada can travel to remote locations and pump our own water, complete our jobs on time and on budget. We can also use water at source location and filter it in position to attain our strict quality control specifications of less than 10 Parts Per Million Total Dissolved Solids.

We are fully licensed, insured and carry liability insurance. We are a professional solar Wash business.

Our slogan is “Clean means more green” which is two pronged.

  • Reduced soiling on a panel means more kilowatts generated which is a substantial Return on Investment (ROI) or “green” as we call it
  • Greater generation translates into a more sustainable process which is greener for our planet.